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The project, developed together with Arch. Gianluca Re, includes the complete renovation and expansion of a small rural building, having a brick and reinforced concrete structure. Given the need for a complete review of all parts of the building, we opted for a redistribution of the internal spaces and the adaptation of the thermal performance of the building, until they reach class "A" according to the parameters Casaclima Agency.

The project involves, in addition to the works of structural reinforcement, the realization of a complete overcoat of cork, the realization of a new waterproofing and insulation of underground parts and the complete replacement of the roofs.The materials, colors, and the review of the sloping roof are the result of a mediation between the needs of the client and the regulations related to the color plan and the building types required by local authorities


Project: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re

Consultant: Enzo Francescato , Francescato SAS. Impresa Edile

Time line: 2006-2009